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Student Life

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Department is concerned with the faith formation of students, faculty, and staff. Catholic Memorial High School is committed to the formation of the whole person and provides a variety of ways to nurture the faith and spirituality of our community.

First, we offer a wide range of opportunities for students to experience their faith through the sacraments. These include:

  • The celebration of the Eucharist on a school-wide basis at least once a month, on Holy Days of Obligation, and in chapel masses four days a week.
  • Weekly opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
  • Class mass at retreat
  • Masses for athletic teams, clubs, and other extracurricular activities
  • All-school reconciliation services during Advent and Lent

We also provide a multitude of ways for students to put their faith into action. These include:

  • Advocacy through the Pro-Life club, International Outreach, and Operation Michael
  • Prayer and Worship through roles in liturgy, IGNITE, and prayer services
  • Community Life and Evangelization through retreat ministries
  • Justice and service through projects coordinated by the Service Club and individual classes
  • Leadership development through the Campus Ministry Leadership team

We provide opportunities for students to grow in their Catholic Spirituality:

  • Experience with a variety of prayer forms including rosary, adoration, lectio divina, and many others
  • Observance of the liturgical seasons
  • Monthly all-school prayer services (weekly during the Advent and Lenten seasons)
  • Individual spiritual counseling for a wide range of concerns
  • Opportunities for students to attend Catholic conferences (e.g., World Youth Day, National Catholic Youth Conference, Wisconsin Catholic Youth Conference, St. John Bosco Youth Day)

Catholic Memorial High School prides itself on offering annual retreat experiences that enhance what is taught and lived on a daily basis:

  • Freshman - A day-long retreat focusing on our school motto, caritas in omnibus (charity in all things), and how it is lived out in our community. Senior class peer mentors serve as role models and small group leaders on this retreat.
  • Sophomore - An overnight retreat centered on different types of relationships and their importance in our lives. Juniors are invited to be small group leaders.
  • Junior - Most juniors are preparing for Confirmation, and will attend a retreat through their home parish. The junior class is invited to organize and execute an optional junior retreat.
  • Senior retreat - A three-day retreat, held off campus, is the culmination of a student’s four years at Catholic Memorial. The retreat focuses on their sense of self; their relationships with others; and their commitment to living their Catholic faith.