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About CMH

Why Choose Catholic Education?

Catholic Memorial's culture is based on the Gospel values of forgiveness, respect, justice for all, and outreach to the poor. We intend to integrate faith into life and life into faith for every member of our community. This process involves three particularly important components:

1) Theology - Each student is required to take two semesters of theology per year. The Catholic Memorial theology curriculum is in complete compliance with the Archdiocesan Secondary Schools Theology Curriculum.

2) Service - Students are encouraged to participate in service projects to give to those in need. Over 95% of CMH students participate in at least one service project.

3) Prayer - Daily morning and afternoon prayer, daily Mass in the school chapel, regular all-school Masses, yearly retreats, and weekly reconciliation.

The task of building and sustaining a culture of faith within which everyone can flourish is the responsibility of the entire community. To this end, we emphasize instruction, reflection, and assessment in the hope that the students will define their light of the beauty of the Catholic Tradition and its relevance to their lives.