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Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is the CMH strategic planning process intended to "bind us together on our path to even greater success over the next ten years and beyond." In somewhat of a departure from prior strategic planning efforts at CMH, the board of directors asked Fr. Paul to lead this strategic planning effort. In April 2010 he formed a Strategic Planning Leadership Team (SPLT) comprised of members of his executive leadership team plus three faculty members and two board members. Another board member, Leon Janssen, designed and facilitated this planning process. In November 2010, the team delivered the results of their work to the CMH board of directors for approval. Once the plan was approved by the board, Fr. Paul presented the Vision 2020 document to Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki.

The 7 Essential Elements of Vision 2020

1) Mission and Values - Clarity and true unity in mission and values will position CMH to weather any challenge that the future might hold.

2) Students - CMH is and will forever be a Catholic, college-preparatory high school for every member of a family. Intended primarily for the families of the Catholic parishes of Waukesha County, we will be the best place for any family to send their sons and daughters so that they will become the best young men and women possible.

3) Catholic Identity - It is our very name; it is more valuable than field houses, video studios, or any of the other things that public schools can build. While we will be unabashedly Catholic, CMH will be the place where non-Catholic families are welcome.

4) Academics - CMH is committed to imparting integrated and critical thinking; solid knowledge of content; faith and reason side-by-side; and the ability to communicate what has been learned.

5) Employees - Alongside our students and their families, CMH's faculty and staff are its greatest strength and asset. New faculty and staff members will need to be skilled, enthusiastic, and able to become integrated into the culture and ethos of CMH. Vision 2020 also puts in writing a commitment to be on par with our competitors in terms of salary and benefits.

6) Facilities - Vision 2020 commits CMH to ambitious, yet prudent, improvements to the present facility including: utility and technology infrastructure, campus aesthetics, performance arts space, a single site for field sports and activity spaces, and a chapel dignified enough for the needs of a Catholic high school.

7) Finances - Over the next ten years CMH will continue to improve its culture of philanthropy among all constituencies to serve the most significant facilities imperatives and to bolster the CMH endowment funds. 

Vision Imperatives for Success

The CMH executive leadership team will have the responsibility to put in place the operating mechanisms to ensure achievement of six institutional imperatives:

1) Students
Goal 1-Total student enrollment will have grown from 750 to 870
Goal 2-Student population matches the diversity of Catholic Waukesha County
Goal 3-100% of CMH graduates will complete a student growth plan

2) Catholic Identity
Goal 1-Increase family participation in local parishes by 50%
Goal 2-Every academic course will integrate Catholic principles
Goal 3-The Memorial Way describes our shared values

3) Academics
Goal 1-Launch interdisciplinary essay assessment by 2015
Goal 2-Increase student achievement
Goal 3-Implement a Catholic service learning project by 2014

4) Employees
Goal 1-Hire highly qualified employees
Goal 2-Enhance employee development
Goal 3-CMH compensation will match the aggregate of Marquette University High School, Divine Savior Holy Angels, and Pius XI

5) Facilities
Goal 1-Update and improve the existing facility
Goal 2-Technology infrastructure supports state-of-the-art teaching
Goal 3-A quality learning environment for our premier Catholic high school

6) Financial Stability
Goal 1-Increase unrestricted gifts to 15% of annual operating costs
Goal 2-Endowment fund income covers 4-5% of annual operating costs
Goal 3-Conduct a comprehensive fund raising campaign(s)