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Faculty and Staff

Mr. William Affeldt - Social Studies

Mrs. Tanya Albanese - English

Mr. Christopher Andacht - Social Studies

Ms. Mary Baenen - Mathematics

Mr. Connor Balistreri - Art

Mr. Christopher Benyousky - Director of Counseling

Mr. Matthew Bergan '02 - Physical Education & Health/Yearbook

Ms. Nerissa Borgen - Science

Ms. Melissa Brefka - Business Assistant

Mr. Jonathan Brzeski '99 - Director of Campus Ministry

Mr. John Burke - English

Mrs. Carly Brunclik - Social Studies

Mrs. Danielle Cruise - School Counselor (Hf-Q)

Mrs. Lyndsey De Bruin '10 - Theology

Mrs. Jennifer Denten - World Languages/Spanish

Mrs. Stephanie Diedrich - World Languages/Spanish

Ms. Amanda Dlugi - Science

Mr. Nicholas Doyle - Science

Ms. Karri Duerwachter - Development Projects and Alumni Relations Coordinator

Ms. Tracy Dybro - French

Mrs. Jennifer Ebel - General Accountant

Mrs. Monica Fleming - Event Manager

Mr. Joseph Fricano - World Languages/Spanish

Mr. Gregory Gamalski - Athletic Director

Mr. Adrian Gardner - Social Studies

Mr. Terry Gavin '74 - English

Mrs. Mary Gentile - Theology

Ms. Alexandra Glorioso '04 - Fitness & Wellness

Fr. Paul Hartmann '84 - President

Mrs. Kristin Hartung '02 - Associate Director of Admissions & Communication Coordinator

Mr. Bryan Heaney - IT Assistant

Mr. Kevin Heaney - Technology Coordinator

Ms. Kari Hirt - Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Rose Hoffmann - Mathematics, Computer Science, & Project Lead the Way

Mrs. Jennifer Hubley '82 - Attendance Coordinator

Mrs. Diane Hyde - Science

Ms. Katie Kannall '07 - Theology

Mrs. Dawn Keller - Director of Finance and Business Administration

Ms. June Kieckhaefer - Mathematics/Records/Scheduling

Mrs. Nancy Knapp - Mathematics

Ms. Julie Kolinske '10 - Math

Mr. Peter Lange - Instrumental and Choral Director

Mrs. Sue Lehsten - ARC Receptionist

Ms. Julie Lindahl '91 - Director of Admissions

Ms. Mari Luepke - Science

Mrs. Ann Maas '77 - Mathematics

Mr. Anthony Maas - Theology

Mr. Dave Mackett - Social Studies

Ms. Emily Malone - WIA Tutor

Dr. Mónica Marchan - Inclusivity Leader

Mr. Jeff Mrochinski - Social Studies

Mrs. Jessica Mulligan - Director of Development

Mr. Nicholas Narloch - Theology

Mr. Thomas New - English

Dr. Thomas Noonan - Principal

Mrs. Marie Norgal - Mathematics

Mrs. Jennifer Ogren '89 - President's Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Mary Petrie '76 - Mathematics/Project Lead the Way
Mr. Stephen Plechaty '74 - Dean of Students

Ms. Stephanie Pribyl - School Counselor (A-He)

Mrs. Jaime Regan - English

Mrs. Barb Reuter - Development Assistant

Mr. Michael Reuter - Facilities Assistant

Mr. Brandon Rindfleisch - Biomedical Science & Project Lead the Way

Mr. Edwin Rivera - Theology

Ms. Sue Ruf '69 - Learning Resource Teacher

Mr. Neil Sheaffer - Latin

Ms. Paige Siehr '11 - Admissions Assistant

Mrs. Andrea Skyberg - Art

Mrs. Erin Smith - English

Mr. Jared Spriggs - Science

Ms. Anne Staab - Math/Science/Project Lead the Way

Mr. Randy Vorwalske - Director of Facilities

Mr. John Waliszewski - English

Mrs. Shari Wass - Counseling Administrative Assistant

Mr. Thomas Young '80 - World Languages/Spanish

Mr. William Young - Physical Education