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Catholic Memorial International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) has earned a reputation for rigorous assessment, giving International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma holders access to the world’s leading universities. The IB diploma grading system is criterion-referenced, which means that each student’s performance is measured against well-defined levels of achievement. These are consistent from one examination session to the next and are applied equally to all schools. The IBO offers students in high school the opportunity to earn the most prestigious secondary school credential, the IB diploma. Universities worldwide accept the IB diploma and its certificates for admission, scholarships, and credits. The program is a comprehensive two-year curriculum that encourages thoughtful analysis from a global perspective.

Catholic Memorial teachers collaborate with the finest teachers in the world and receive extensive, ongoing training in order to be the best resources for their students. IB educators, motivated by practical considerations, but also by an idealistic vision, believe that students should share an academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and exposure to a variety of points of view.

Students who complete study in all six academic categories (English, World Language, History, Science, Math, and Art/elective) and fulfill all other IB requirements will earn the IB diploma. Students who participate in the IB diploma program significantly enhance their opportunities to earn acceptance, scholarships, and advanced placement at most universities.

International Baccalaureate Program Requirements

Beginning junior year, students who seek the IB diploma must:

1) Select three courses at the Higher Level (HL). Higher Level courses run over the course of two years (junior and senior year) and are worth one CMH credit each year. You may choose from the following options: biology, chemistry, visual art, music, American history, economics, English, Latin, and Java programming.

2) Select three courses at the Standard Level (SL). Standard Level classes run either one or two years. You may choose from the following options: art, Java programming, mathematics, chemistry, physics, music, American history, world language, and business.

3) Select, of the six courses (HL and SL), one class in each of the first five groups and a course in Group 6, either a computer science course or another class from the first five groups.

  • Group 1 Language A1 (English)
  • Group 2 Second Language
  • Group 3 Individuals and Societies (Social Studies)
  • Group 4 Experimental Sciences
  • Group 5 Mathematics
  • Group 6 The Arts/elective

4) Students must also: a) Fulfill the service requirement in the Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) Program; b) Take the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course during senior year; and c) Complete an extended essay.

Also, remember that general CMH graduation requirements must be fulfilled. In order to fit everything into an IB diploma candidate’s schedule, students may fulfill their junior PE requirement by participating in the same sport during their freshman and sophomore years.

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