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The counseling department of Catholic Memorial is an extension of the overall mission of the school. Our services are designed to meet the developmental needs of the student body. To meet these needs and ensure student success, one of our primary goals is to work closely with teachers, the administration, and families.

We are committed to supporting the academic, personal/social, and college/career needs of each of our students. In order to address these significant areas, we have organized a program of activities that will be highlighted at specific times during each student’s high school years. These activities include, but are not limited to, career exploration, understanding personal identity, decision making skills, appropriately handling peer pressure, receiving academic support, classroom guidance, and personal interviews. The Counseling Center houses information that encompasses these activities. In addition, our office offers information on public and private colleges and universities, scholarships for college, college financial aid, SAT/ACT testing, parent resources, and support for students and families who may be facing personal obstacles. We are available to all students.

To further assist our students in these areas, each student is assigned a school counselor. Counselors are available to speak with students throughout the school day. Appointments are encouraged to ensure both privacy and an uninterrupted block of time for the student.

College Preparation

A particular focus of the counseling department is preparing each student to make a well-informed post-secondary decision. This process begins with the student selecting an academic program that is challenging and geared toward a student’s strengths. Each student should also be aware of college/university guidelines when deciding which courses to select in high school. The counseling department also hosts a number of seminars to assist students and parents in their college decision-making process.

NCAA Eligibility Center: Students planning to participate in NCAA Division I or Division II sports must complete the specified 16 core courses and register with the NCAA Eligibility Center early in their senior year. For more information on freshman eligibility, visit

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